Gary Fong Gear Guard Camera Lens Lock Canon

Gary Fong
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Gary Fong Gear Guard Camera Lens Lock Canon GGLC
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Gary Fong Inc. has entered a new photographic space with the launch of its GearGuard line. Known for its array of lighting accessories, Gary Fong designed the GearGuard line in response to an ongoing snatch-and-grab threat faced by professional and amateur photographers.
The GearGuard series offers various security devices which can combine to provide a seamless theft prevention system. The flagship product in this line is the GearGuard Camera Body Lock. The Camera Body Lock attaches to the cameras tripod mount, so it can remain attached while shooting, and still allow the user to quickly attach it to any anchor point using the Security Cable and Combination Lock. (separate item)

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Gary Fong - Gary Fong
Brand: Gary Fong
Brand: Gary Fong

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