California-Sunbounce Sun-Sniper Steel Camera Strap (Black/Black)

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- The SHOCK ABSORBER is integrated in the strap and makes carrying the camera even more comfortable - Can be hoisted quickly, safely and ready to shoot - Allows the photographer to intuitively find the handle and the shutter button without losing sight of the subject - Innovative RAIL-WAY strap - Strap can be worn diagonally over chest and shoulder - Carry telephoto lens through crowds and narrow alleys without bumping into anything - Fasten to the tripod socket of the camera body or lens

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Sun Sniper Steel with Shock Absorber and Cutter-Crasher Wire anti-theft device.  The Sun Sniper Steel is a revolutionary new camera strap. The fully adjustable strap allows your camera to glide easily along the strap. When not in use your camera will hang comfortable at your side or behind you depending on how you position the strap. Instead of screwing out of its socket, the camera will spin freely with the help of the genuine nylon-fiberglass bearing, causing it to be secure. When you need to shoot just grab the camera and pull it up into shooting position. The strap will stay in comfortably in place on your shoulder as the camera slides along the strap on its unique sliding carabiner. It is also equipt with an amazingly tough steel wire which is designed to prevent theft by cutting the strap while attached to your body. 

This is the perfect strap for photojournalists sports photographers nature photographers hiking or climbing urban warriors who need to keep the cameras out of the way while working through the crowds and wedding photographers. Sniper is the ultimate strap for the serious shooter. The strap is also designed to maximize ease on your back. This strap is so good that it not only reduced back strain but it actually helps keep the curvature of your spine going the right way. With the Sniper strap you can carry those big lenses all day long. Doctor recommended: The Sun Sniper.

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Brand: California - Sunbounce
Brand: California - Sunbounce

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- California-Sunbounce Sun-Sniper Steel Camera Strap (Black/Black)


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